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Ander and Fer having dinner with Diego Capel- who I swear to god keeps rapidly aging and becoming more like Sergio every day.

Sigh, summer is never good to footballer wardrobes. 


So I leave you guys alone for one game and it seems everyone- including Athletic’s website- chose to ignore it happened. Probably a good choice considering it appears to have consisted of little more than an early red, a lot of yelling, and a scrappy point.

Oh, and Itu got a haircut. That news would be right up my alley except I already predicted it would happen this week because I obviously have issues.


The final game itself is probably best forgotten, and easily so for me since I could only find a stream for the final 20 minutes and missed everything except Levante unfortunately scoring in extra time.

Anyway, Iker managed to mark the occasion by getting sent off, so congrats on nabbing that title sweetie. With no goals today, Llorente became the last lion to score at San Mames. Rather appropriate all things considered.


Yay, finally a win! And a comforting and very necessary step toward safety! And Llorente actually did something!

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Athletic played a random friendly in what appears to be a neighborhood park in between apartment blocks today. How keen. Anyway, it was a nice chance for some babies, bench warmers, and invalids to play and they won 3-1 with goals from Llorente(2) and Ibai.


I really enjoyed the special mother’s day jerseys, even if it was sort of weird to keep seeing unfamiliar names of their backs.

I kind of really want one of Iker’s Goñi jerseys. And I’m always amused that Llorente’s name is also Torres.


The havoc that Ander’s late equalizer hath wrought. 

No, I have no idea how the hell Iker ended up twisted on his back on top of that pile. Presumably the answer is just, “Iker”.

Hopefully Ander is okay after being pummeled under the force of his teammates’ love for him. So proud of him and happy to see him once again step up and blow people away in the big games.


A point is a point though, and I’ll gladly take it. And really, I’m happy for Fer to just get out there and score finally.